We will keep you posted on our progress and send you cartoons that you can use with friends and neighbors. We will count you as a voter for conservative values!

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It's all about protecting them:
The children are our future.

The children are what we work for. We must help each other protect the children and their future.

Today, that future is threatened as never before. Unwise leadership has burdened the United States with crippling debt while restricting our

How can we fight back?

We use methods that brought success in years ago and that still bring success today!

  • Target undecided voters.
  • Use the techology that these undecided voters utilize to communicate with them.
  • Use humor to inform them.
  • Contact them directly to ask for their support.

That's a tall order. But we can do it. With adequate resources, we will prevail. To demonstrate our method, we want to show you a video from the creative conservatives at PolitiZoid:

The undecided voters that we target love animated cartoons like the ones produced by PolitiZoid and other conservative producers.

We reach these voters by sending them links to Politizoid and similar videos. When they respond and ask for more, we respond with messages designed to do two things:

  • Involve them in our mission to elect common-sense conservatives.
  • Convince them to vote!

We reach undecided voters through the media they prefer, not the media that we are comfortable with. We use the technique of humor and their own technology of choice.

You can help protect the future - and your family's future - by supporting USApac.

Only by changing the failed programs and policies by electing candidates who will adhere to conservative values can we change our country's direction.

The attacks on our values continue - but these values made us the envy of the world. 

The attacks on the values that made America great are continuing from secularists and social planners who think that government is the solution.


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USApac is dedicated to furthering the general welfare and common good of the people of the United States of America. USApac furthers this goal by educating the public and promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, secure borders, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

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Is this leadership?

entrepreneural business community from innovating and growing.

Instead, business is expected to pay higher and higher taxes to for run-away social programs such as ObamaCare. The liberals in Congress and the media believe that government is the answer. You and we know better.

Together, we can make our voices heard. We can win back Washington. But we must start now and work to recruit voters to support more common sense in elected officials - especially among our officials in Washington. 
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.

It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

         - Ronald Reagan

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Current Active Projects

Stop ObamaCare

Could this be a bigger mess? Yet the Obama Administration continues to defend ObamaCare and spew disengenious information.

In other words, let someone else obey the law and pay higher healthcare premiums for less coverage.

Even giant AARP - a strong supporter of ObamaCare - asked for and received an exemption! So did many labor unions. Meanwhile, the IRS refused to approve the applications for tax-exempt status of many conservative and Tea Party groups.

We have lobbyists working to repeal ObamaCare. Among them are some who worked to defeat HillaryCare in the 1990s.

Check out our efforts to repeal ObamaCare at:

Stop ObamaCare and Healthcare Next.

Veterans Affairs

We will not forget the service given by so many thousands of our  young men and women.

Their service does not end when they come home. Too many have injuries and need care. Others suffer emotional problems that may not be visible - but are just as debilitating. They need care. We as Americans need to redouble our efforts to help these patriots adjust to "normal" life again.

Veterans 1 is our project designed to give our heros a great welcome home and the follow up care that they and their families need..

Veterans 1 makes our heroes feel welcome at home.

Politics and Issues Teleconferences

Join our periodic teleconferences. Simply register your interest in the "Help Us Defeat Foolishness" box to the immediate left.

We will email you about upcoming teleconferences with the call-in phone number and passcode.

Participation is free.

Stop Bank of America

This project ended with a success when B of A abandoned the debit card fee. 

However, banks and their senior executives made it clear that they planned to use other means to increase fees. 

Therefore, we have ramped up the Stop Unfair Banks project. Please consider joining our efforts.

Senior Citizens

We advocate issues of importance to seniors and have some excellent spokespersons and lobbyists among our volunteers.

We also provide benefits that often beat that big seniors' group for price and coverage. 

Try USA Senior.

Stop Political Corruption

Ending the corrupting practices that Congress has voted its members - such as access toi insider trading info that is a crime for anyone else to have.

See Stop Political Corruption.

New! Stop the Foolishness and Cut Federal Spending

Seeking realistic solutions to the budget and spending crisis. This committee is getting underway and will have a website soon.

Welcome to the USA Public Affairs Committee. We are not a political action committee and do not contribute to candidates or campaigns.
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