3 steps to a better America ...
We seek to restore common sense in government

The 2016 election will be here before we know it. The battle between proponents of large, intrusive government and common sense must be won. The liberals are finding excuses to continue business as usual. The Obama Administration does not seem to understand the message that the voters sent on election day 2014.

We have not done all that must be done. We must do more. The battle continues. We must remain active or our newly elected officials may slip into the seductive grasp of the Washington establishment.

We propose that all concerned Americans do three things:

1. Communicate regularly with your elected officials, especially those who just got elected. Visit them in their office when they return home. Attend town hall meetings.  Express your opinions and do not let them intimidate you with "inside Washington" jargon. We have put up with that for too long. Make them explain what they are doing in plain language.

2. Get active in your local political organizations. Do not be put off by suggestions that you need to "pay your dues" by performing menial tasks. Gather your like-minded friends and show the "regulars" that you mean business. Either the establishment listens and responds or the establishment  becomes the problem and must be replaced. When that happens, it is because the establishment has become meaningless as an agent of change. So we the people must make the change.

3. Seek a leadership position in organizations that can make a difference. Whether it is a party or a government office you seek, gather your friends and ask them to join you and support your efforts. Encourage them to become active. Especially important but often neglected are political party nominating conventions. Consider becoming a delegate to your state nominating convention or to the Republican or Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Being there at the right time means being there all the time

Remember, being there is the best way to change the way things are done. Being there at the right time means being there now and all the time.

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3 steps to a better America.

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Overturning Obamacare

USApac focuses on getting people involved in the public affairs process. We focus on issues when we have members who can provide leadership in the issues. We are working now to get more and more people involved in overturning Obamacare. We are working with seniors' groups as well as healthcare experts. You are welcome to join our efforts!

Two other areas were we have provided recent leadership are:

Immigration Reform

The Obama Administration's confrontational and politically motivated approach to immigration reform has split the country needlessly. As illegal immigrants pour across the border, the immigrants we need to staff key technical and scientific positions are denied entry. Business bears the burden for checking the legality of job applicants.

We advocate sensible immigration reform, designed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States. We want reform that permits U.S. employers to offer employment to those with technical skills lacking in the U.S. We encourages a thorough review of the burdensome, capricious and intimidating verification requirements that have convinced many employers that the government is punitive in its approach to border control.

The Obama Administration has made preventing illegal immigration a confrontational issue between the states and the federal government. Join us in turning back the ill advised policies of an Administration that promised to bring us together.

Veterans and Their Families

We are concerned that our veterans and their families are once again being let down. Veterans 1, a working committee of USApac, is developing creative ways to help veterans - and especially, to help the families of servicemen and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans 1 also supports an organization that has extensive and relatively inexpensive programs that help families understand the emotional problems and needs that affect many who return from combat zones.

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Current Issue Working Committees and Related Sites

Current Active Projects

Stop ObamaCare

Could this be a bigger mess? Yet the Obama Administration continues to defend ObamaCare and spew disengenious information.

In other words, let someone else obey the law and pay higher healthcare premiums for less coverage.

Even giant AARP - a strong supporter of ObamaCare - asked for and received an exemption! So did many labor unions. Meanwhile, the IRS refused to approve the applications for tax-exempt status of many conservative and Tea Party groups.

We have lobbyists working to repeal ObamaCare. Among them are some who worked to defeat HillaryCare in the 1990s.

Check out our efforts to repeal ObamaCare at:

Stop ObamaCare and Healthcare Next.

Veterans Affairs

We will not forget the service given by so many thousands of our  young men and women.

Their service does not end when they come home. Too many have injuries and need care. Others suffer emotional problems that may not be visible - but are just as debilitating. They need care. We as Americans need to redouble our efforts to help these patriots adjust to "normal" life again.

Veterans 1 is our project designed to give our heros a great welcome home and the follow up care that they and their families need..

Veterans 1 makes our heroes feel welcome at home.

Politics and Issues Teleconferences

Join our periodic teleconferences. Simply register your interest in the "Help Us Defeat Foolishness" box to the immediate left.

We will email you about upcoming teleconferences with the call-in phone number and passcode.

Participation is free.

Stop Bank of America

This project ended with a success when B of A abandoned the debit card fee.

However, banks and their senior executives made it clear that they planned to use other means to increase fees.

Therefore, we have ramped up the Stop Unfair Banks project. Please consider joining our efforts.

Senior Citizens

We advocate issues of importance to seniors and have some excellent spokespersons and lobbyists among our volunteers.

We also provide benefits that often beat that big seniors' group for price and coverage.

Try USA Senior.

Stop Political Corruption

Ending the corrupting practices that Congress has voted its members - such as access toi insider trading info that is a crime for anyone else to have.

See Stop Political Corruption.

New! Stop the Foolish and Cut Federal Spending

Seeking realistic solutions to the budget and spending crisis. This committee is getting underway and will have a website soon.

Please check the box at the right for the project that most interests you.